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Specialized in Digital Marketing with experience of more than 5+ years Over 800 projects worked on. Helped start-ups and businesses to grow their online As per my education, did my BCA in 2017 with 75% markings. Have Worked for brands like MG MOTORS & NAMHYA FOODS in Shark Tank India


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Kamal Mahanwal

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Who Am I Exactly?

Kamal Mahanwal is an experienced mentor who has provided guidance and support to a diverse range of professionals, including CEOs, CMOs, corporate communication executives, and individuals, in the areas of digital marketing strategy, social media marketing, public relations, marketing communications, branding, and sales. His expertise and insights have helped numerous individuals and organizations to develop effective and impactful marketing strategies, build strong brands, and drive revenue growth. With his extensive knowledge and practical approach, Kamal has become a trusted advisor and coach to many aspiring marketers and business leaders.

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